Sunny Room

This space gets some of the best afternoon sun in the house, but the dreary paint scheme kept it feeling dark and heavy even when flooded with light. Succulents, a fresh coat of soft white paint, and flea market finds coupled with well priced retail items created a bright, effortless and charming sitting room. This is a great example of how an eye for composition and carefully curated items can transform four walls.

Spend A Penny

It’s no secret that a generous design budget can make a room sing, but what happens when there isn’t much of a budget at all? If you are a resourceful person like this creative client and enjoy doing most of the labor yourself, you too could have this amazing vestibule! The walls are decoupaged with the artful pages of a book and the floor is tiled in actual pennies. Yep, that’s right, the floors are literally tiled in pennies, and then coated in shellac to protect them – a whole new twist on the wallpaper and penny tile trends so popular these days!

James River Living Room

Though this client has impeccable taste, she inherited a mantle and bookcases that may have last been in style sometime in the 1980s. By rebuilding the firebox and millwork, and removing the built-in bookcases, we instantly gave the room timeless lines and a fresh feel. New wall color, an antique rug, and new accessories and heirlooms combine to take this room from one that was stuck in an era to one that feels ageless and effortless.

Powder Room

We love dark walls, but this tiny space was windowless so the black made an already small space seem even smaller. We chose cheerful wallpaper with a bold pattern to lighten the space while giving the walls visual interest. All fixtures and fittings were replaced with newer models that had more timeless profiles. The end result is so charming that any guest would smile. Powder rooms are great places to try wallpaper for the first time because it quickly transforms a room and cost relatively little because small rooms require so few rolls.

West End Family Room

This young family needed to renovate every surface of this house, and buy every single piece of furniture and fabric that would make this house their home. They needed to have a budget that unfolded over time, just as their home would unfold over time, and they needed the place to be pretty and livable at each and every step of the process. Together we bought a mixture of antiques and new furniture, and had paint play a leading role in the transformation. Over time, art and accessories will continue to round out the space, but the room will look lovely in all stages of the process.

Los Angeles Powder Room

Small spaces often afford a great opportunity to create a jewel box effect. This powder room was the main guest bath of the house, but was also used constantly by three teenage girls. The finishes needed to be bullet proof for the young ladies, yet retain elegance appropriate for guests. We combined durable granite that looks like marble, commercial grade wallpaper, heavy mother-of-pearl knobs, and endlessly forgiving chrome fixtures to create a glamorous space that is as tough as old boots!

Beach House Bedroom

Because these clients were unsure if this house would be an investment property or a permanent residence, we needed to make this room beautiful while being particularly mindful of the cost. We papered and painted, changed the lighting and accessories, and used all of their existing furniture to recreate an inviting room that reflected the client’s design sensibilities while allowing them to easily sell this home should they so desire.

Cottage Nursery

A baby boy! My clients were thrilled to be adding a boy to the family, and their daughter was excited to leave this room for a bigger one across the hall. We designed this bedroom to look just as appropriate for a 14-month-old boy as for a 14 year old. The walls are a beautiful French gray, the rug a sophisticated and forgiving wool, and ten of the father’s vintage Beatles albums hang in archival frames on the walls for a personal touch.

Texas Hill Modern

These clients love modern profiles, but had been guided by someone else to buy “trendy modern.” Quickly, these pieces fell out of fashion and began to look ad hoc rather than cohesive. With more enduring furniture choices we were able to enliven the space, create a dining area, and give the room a modern style that is welcoming and warm. Almost a decade after taking a this in-progress shot with my flip phone, the room still looks current and chic even without the art and accessories my clients will add over time.

Cottage Master Bedroom

This room presented a number of design challenges. Odd angles and odd window placement made the space feel disjointed and hard, so we softened the room with fabric and upholstery. Because this client loves feminine, inviting rooms, the layered, ethereal effect fit her personality and solved the inherent challenges of the space. Using her grandmother’s stunning antique linens, hand towels, and laces, we created pillows and a gorgeous dressing table that reflected her family, her history and her lovely style.

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