“I daydream about

and textures
and paints
and woods
and glass
and stones
and fabrics
and light
and dark
and space
and elevations all day long.

It is my mind’s natural default mode.”

As a child, my favorite game to play was “Redesign the Playroom.”

Most of the neighborhood girls would never wanted to play this game, but two of them always said yes. One is now a client and the other is entrenched in the interior design world on the publishing side.

Interior Design has never felt like my job. It simply feels like who I am.

I’ve always been aware that I see the world through a design lens and have never taken for granted how easily I can translate what I see or imagine.

Sometimes I’m stunned when I walk into one of my client’s finished rooms. My reaction is often, “Wow! Look at that!” and I stand there like a proud new mother astounded by what we created together. There is an unexplainable magic to interior design, and I always hope my clients get to feel a little bit of that thrill, too.

I believe that most of what makes a good designer can’t be taught in school. My design background comes from a purely artistic perspective: painting and printmaking. Classes in the Fine Arts trained my eye to look at all spaces as true compositions. I now understand colors far beyond color theory, textures far beyond textiles and form far beyond furnishings.


Walking into a well -loved room with a well-loved client and seeing the space look as chic as it did seven years ago gives me the biggest thrill! Nothing in my work is quite so rewarding as rooms and client relationships that stand the test of time.


Timeless spaces happen when a designer completely understands what clients love and how they live. My main design objective is to create enduring and beautiful rooms that seem to have effortlessly evolved on their own from the client’s personal aesthetic.

Timeless client relationships are built when this process is light-hearted, thoughtful and respectful of the budget. A designer becomes a client’s right hand, and when it’s a good fit, the relationship fits as easily as an old glove.

Interior Design is the most rewarding journey: it never feels like work, and it will always be my favorite game to play. Let’s “Redesign the Playroom” together.

© Anne Hulcher Tollett, LLC